Submit a Program


The Wintersession program proposal form is now open in theHub. Be sure to review the activity guidelines below before submitting an event proposal. Proposals will be reviewed and approved, by the Dean of Students Office, on a rolling basis and posted to a Wintersession calendar as they are approved. Questions about program proposals should be directed to

Activity Guidelines
I understand that my proposed activity will be evaluated according to the following guidelines. All activities are expected to:

  • Be sponsored by an office or department in the University, a recognized student organization in good standing with the College, or an individual faculty, staff or student in the College.

  • Primarily target the undergraduate community and comply with the University's non-discrimination policy.

  • Be financially accessible to students and whenever possible, free. Profit-making, fundraising, or promotional events for outside entities are not appropriate.

  • Events are expected to be alcohol-free (oenological activities will be considered).

Expectations Upon Approval:

  • The advertising will:

    • Target Harvard College undergraduates

    • Clearly denote the sponsor (Recognized Student Organization Name, Department/Office Name, or Individual Name)

    • Include contact information

    • Indicate the program is offered as part of Wintersession

  • The sponsor will work in timely and considerate coordination with the Wintersession staff, the Dean of Students Office, and other related University offices.

  • The sponsor will complete a short evaluation of his/her program.

Program Submission Guidelines:

1. Log into theHub using your Harvard Key. If you are unable to access theHub, please contact Edwin Reyes, Wintersession Project Manager, at

2. Click on "Wintersession" under the "Featured" menu on the left side of your screen.

3. Open the "2019 Wintersession Programming Submission" which will take you to the proposal form.

4. After submitting the form, you should receive an automated email response via theHub which serves as acknowledgement that your program proposal has been received.

5. Edwin Reyes, Wintersession Project Manager, will reveiw your submission. This review may result in any of the following: approval, follow-up, or decline. Programs will be reviewed within 3 business days of submission. 

6. Once the programs are approved, the program sponsor is responsible for creating an event in the Wintersession portal. To do so, click on the "events" tab on the top of the menu and then click the green "Create An Event" button. This will populate the events section of the Wintersession portal, allowing students to view your program and sign-up.