Women's Leadership Conference


Wed - Fri, Jan 23 to Jan 25, 12:00pm - 8:00pm


Thompson Room (Barker), Leverett Library Theater, and Winthrop JCR
The Harvard-Radcliffe Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC) strengthens and expands the influence of women on campus and across the world. WLC fosters the vital link between community and empowerment. Every year, the Conference unites a dynamic group of Harvard students on campus for a three day long immersion in interactive workshops, panel discussions and activities led by prominent women from a range of fields, including public service, journalism, health care, academia and business. The Conference 1) exposes young female-identifying leaders to resources on campus and beyond to nurture personal and professional skills; 2) strengthens the network of supportive role models and mentors; and 3) encourages open dialogue about the complex issues and difficult choices many women face throughout their lives.